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Lazy Scanlator Guide: typesetting
I have been thinking about doing some typesetting from scans to raw. But without typing.

Example pics. Kazan v1.
This isn't too good example though. Point for doing it is when scans are LQ and raws are HQ. But principle should be clear.

Process goes like this:

First open raw page. If scans are flipped then flip the raw.
Open scan page to a new layer.
Select both layers.
Edit > Auto-Align Layers (auto) (I used Photoshop)
Turn raw layer to top.
Then crop around it. And edit opacity. As you see, scan layer is now perfectly aligned with raw layer.
Now use eraser on bubles so that english text shows throught.
Edit levels of scan layer so that text looks good.
Turn opacity of raw layer back to 100%.

Main problem is sfx which are in the artwork. Getting those to raw is possible. Simply use eraser. But it might actually require work.
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